Frequently Asked QUestions

Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not ship internationally, we are hoping to be able to by 2018! Stay tuned!

The Best Coffees in the World

Sourcing bad ass specialty coffee and making it highly accessible for use as #Coffee4fuel is our mission. To fulfill this promise we source only specialty coffee thru our importer partners and work diligently to confirm quality, growing conditions, and certification. Madrinas Coffee is always specialty grade coffee, sourced from either Colombia or Mexico, in only high altitude growing zones. Either conventional crop or Fair Trade Organic, our coffees are on par with the finest award winning roasters and cafes around the world.

Responsible Sourcing

Aluminum Cans: The cans we use are manufactured by Ball. Ball’s Metal Beverage Packaging Division is the worldwide leader in aluminum packaging technology, and they manufacture more than 65 billion recyclable aluminum and steel cans a year!

Milk & Cream: We responsibly source our Milk & Cream from local dairy farmers in Wisconsin and Illinois. Every ounce of our Milk & Cream is r-BST FREE, which means it’s natural and free from synthetic hormones.

Non GMO Cane Sugar: All Madrinas Coffees are sweetened with natural, Non-GMO Cane Sugar, the least processed sweetener on the planet. Our Cane Sugar is sourced direct to us from Central America.

Natural Cocoa, Vanilla & Caramel: After being sourced from around the U.S. and the Americas, these ingredients are produced from local crafters.

I love Madrinas and want to follow every move you make; how can I do this?

Of course you do! You have a few options:

“Like” us on Facebook

“Follow” us on Twitter & Instagram: @madrinas

Where can I purchase Madrinas Coffee?

Lucky for you we not only sell our products on our webstore and on Amazon Prime, but we can also be found in these rockin’ retailers across the Midwest: Jewel Osco, Mariano's Fresh Market, Pick n Save, Whole Foods Markets, Metro Markets, Schnucks, Dierbergs, Hyvee, Quik Trip and 7-Eleven.

Help! I’m lactose intolerant, does Madrinas have any products that do not contain milk?

Meet Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew Black. It’s badass Cold Brewed black coffee in a can. No milk. Fully Vegan. Enjoy!

Are your drinks Gluten Free?

Yes! However, our coffees are canned in a facility that also handles drinks with Gluten. 

What is this #Coffee4Fuel business all about?

#Coffee4Fuel is about having a healthier option for the function we crave. We encourage transparency, as such feel free to contact us with questions about our sourcing, roasting, brewing and packaging.

I have a question that you didn’t answer…

No problem! We figured that would happen. You can ask us on Facebook, Twitter, or send us an email!